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Situated in agriculturally rich Central California, 333 feet above sea level, Falconville has excellent geographical location in relation to the mass market areas of metropolitan Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Recreational facilities abound because of its proximity to the Pacific ocean and mountainous resorts.


Favored with nearly perfect year-round climate, Falconville has warm dry summers, cooled in the evenings by gentle breezes. Winters and autumns are mild and provide ideal condtions for agriculture and true out-of-doors living. The average rainfall in the area is 11.22 inches.


Falconville is headed by a five-person city council which holds regular meetings twice a month. Council members are elected to four-year terms, with staggered elections on even-numbered years.The city is currently undergoing a structural change to a City Administrator form of government, which will result in less day-to-day management by council members and a centralization of authority.

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City Services

City services include police and fire protection, water and garbage service, and recreation programs. The Falconville police department has 13 regular officers (10 patrolmen and 3 detectives). The fire department has seven full time fire fighters and 21 volunteers from the community.

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Falconville has a city population of about 9,000 with a trading area of more than 50,000 within a 15-mile radius.


Falconville is proud of its many churches, which represent the major religions and denominations. The area has approximately 50 churches, or about one per 1,000 people.


The chief industry in Falconville is agriculture. Sporting some of the richest soil in the west, Falconville farmers produce a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops with maximum yield per acre. In recent years the city has acquired a small foot-hold in the electronics industry, as well.

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