Last night you covered the regular meeting of the Falconville City Council. Your assignment now is to review your notes, get some followup information and write a story for tomorrow's paper.

You have a variety of tools available to you. You have a copy of the agenda and your notes, for starters. You may also refer to the newspaper's morgue and "call" key people for interviews.



Start by reviewing the agenda. As with many agendas these days, there is the basic agenda and there is backup material for each item. After reading the backup information you should look at the notes you apparently took at the meeting. Like many reporters' notes, they are sketchy. But by combining the notes and the background material with the information you collect from sources you should be able to figure out what is going on so you can write a story with a multiple element lead. Determine what was the most important information that comes out of this information-packed meeting.

To call and interview sources click on any phone number you see. Not all sources are prepared to talk about all items on the agenda, and some may be unavailable. To ask a question, click on it. The question will be repeated on another page, along with the answer. Some questions will have followup questions.

Not every question needs to be asked, indeed, some of them should not, and they do not need to be asked in the order that they are presented. Take note of the TYPE of questions asked. They would be the type you would be asking in real life.


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